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COVID-19 Self-Screening & Waiver

This Form must be completed before your dancer(S) can attend class

We are so excited to have your dancer with us for the 2020-2021 dance season. To keep everyone safe we’ve implemented new procedures and protocols while dancers are in our care.

Once you have read this entire document please sign our required COVID Waiver. The link is available on our website and at the front desk.

Dancers will train outside, in the back common area with the door open or in small groups indoors. Dancers will maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times both indoors and outside. In the event of inclement weather we will host classes via Zoom.

 A mask will be required during arrival, transitions and dismissal  of classes held outdoors and required at all times when inside the studio. 

Additionally, all dancers must bring their own yoga mat, water bottle and dance bag that holds all items. Please see below for a list of what dancers should have in their bags.

Classes in August, September & October

We will hold classes outdoors at the beginning of the dance season. Select classes with younger dancers may be held indoors in our back common area (masks will be required).

In the event of inclement weather we will host classes via Zoom. We will announce Zoom classes by 3:00 PM based on hourly weather predictions. 

Classes held outdoors will not be available via Zoom. Please see the checklist below for the items required for outdoor classes.

Classes after the weather changes

As much as we would love to dance outside the entire season, Michigan weather will not cooperate. Beginning November 1st (or sooner) we will move to an indoor hybrid model. Students (families) will be divided into an “A” or “B” group; weekly alternating virtual learning with in-person classes. A family may also elect to be “Virtual Only.” We will accommodate special requests for siblings and carpools. We will assign groups next October 1st. All special requests are due by September 15th.

Safety First

Persons who have a fever of 100.4 F or above or other signs of illness should not come to class. We encourage parents to be on alert for signs of illness and to keep your dancer home when they are sick or showing signs of sickness.

Mandatory Quarantine

If a dancer or anyone in their household is traveling, the studio MUST be notified. Additionally, if a dancer or a member of their household travels by plane or to a high-risk area they will not be permitted to attend classes for 7-14 days. The time will be determined by our MDS health management team.


We are asking that all payments be made online directly through the MDS Studio Director Portal or with the required credit card that must now be on file. New this year...families must have a credit card on file. Please note...we will NOT process payments without approval unless you are registered for automatic payments or if payments are 60 days past due. Our goal is to minimize as much hand-to-hand contact as possible.

Front Desk

While the front desk will be open, we are asking that payments be made online or by calling 248-977-3764 during business hours..  We will not sell snacks but will have water. Students should bring an insulated water bottle and a small snack to eat between classes.

Mask Policy

A mask or face shield will be required during arrival, transitions and dismissal of classes held outdoors and required at all times when inside the studio. Students must wear a mask while getting their temperature check, going to the bathroom or transiting in and out of the studio. 

Drop off only

Dancers should not be dropped off early or picked up late.

We will have staff waiting to greet your dancer prior to the start of classes.  Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to start time. 

You CANNOT leave until your dancer has been screened. If you would like to wait on your dancer you must remain in the vehicle and park on the west side of the parking lot.

Please make sure your dancer has everything they need when they are dropped off. See our suggested packing list below.

Additionally, our waiting area and restrooms will be closed to everyone but students and staff.

Arrival/Temperature check

Dancers should arrive wearing a mask.  We will be following the CDCs screening guidelines, including regular temperature checks.  Parents must wait until the dancer has their temperature checked before they can leave.  If their temperature is above 100.4, they will be asked to leave.

A dance bag is required

Students must carry a dance bag that holds everything they need. All of the items they remove must be placed inside of the bag at all times. Bags should be closable and secured while dancers are training. Bags must be kept in the dancer’s dance space. No bags should touch or be near another dancer.

What to pack for outside classes


Towel for ballet barre--Required

Sweat towel

Pack of Kleenex 

Yoga Mat--Required

Water bottle (insulated)

Visor/ sunglasses

Sun screen


Dance shoes

Hand Sanitizer

Disinfecting wipes

NOTE: The towel for the ballet barre will be used to limit physical contact with the actual barre. It should be long enough for dancers to place both hands on the barre if necessary.

Conditioning & Stretch & Ballet

Dancers participating in Conditioning & Stretch on Tuesdays and ballet classes for ages 8+  should also have the following items...

Yoga block


1 pound ankle Weights-(optional)

Medium size; lightweight playground ball-(ballet only)

Personal Dance Space

When needed, for outdoor classes, each dancer will have sanitized dance space they use for class. MDS will provide the section of a 3/16x68x96 Eucaboard. Dancers may elect to purchase their own and bring them to class if they prefer. They are available at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Dancers can also bring personal wipes to resanitize the board. Boards will be spaced 6 feet apart.

Dancers will also need a yoga mat they don’t mind touching the ground a bit. We will use the mat on top of the Eucaboard for stretching and conditioning.

At the end of class, MDS staff will provide cleaning spray or a wipe and each board will be sanitized again. 

End of class/ Pick up

At the end of class, dancers will be asked to put their masks back on and pack up all belongings. Dancers  will remain in their dance space until everyone's packed up and has a mask on. 

Please make sure dancers are picked up on time. 

Again, we are so excited to see your  dancer and thank you in advance for helping keep our dancers safe.