Hi, I am Jenna Williams, the founder and president of MDS. Thank you for your interest in our studio.​ Since 2007, My Dance Studio, Inc. has worked to develop and promote opportunities in the Performing Arts for local Metropolitan youth; contributing to their quality of life by providing opportunities not only in dance, but also in skill  development, discipline, and self-confidence; building a foundation of greatness and excellence. More importantly, we are a family. 

"Chase the DREAM, not the competition".

MDS Policies & procedures

Tuition and Pricing:                                                                                                                                           
Classes run from September through recital in June. All tuition payments are due between the 1st and 6th of every month. There is a $15 late charge for tuition paid after the 15th and an additional $5 per week thereafter. There is a $30 charge on returned checks. Monthly tuition remains constant whether a student is present or not. Pricing is the same whether there are 3 or up to 5 classes per month. 

​If the account is 30 days delinquent, an inquiry will be made to expedite payment for services rendered. If the account is 60 days delinquent, the student will be dropped from the roster and will not be allowed in class until account is current.
Makeup Classes:
Our staff wants all students to have the same amount of training prior to dancing in the June recital. Make-up classes are available and strongly suggested when students are absent or after scheduled studio closings. There are no refunds/deductions for missed classes and they must be made up within 30 days. ***In case of inclement weather, the studio voicemail will be updated by 3:30pm with a cancellation notice. ***
Dress Code:
All students must wear the appropriate dancewear and shoes. If a student is not dressed appropriately, they may not be permitted to participate in class. Hair must be secured before entering class. No loose and/or sharp jewelry is allowed in class.
- Ballet students must wear a black leotard, either pink or tan tights and pink LEATHER ballet slipper (Ages 7+ split sole ballet shoes).
Ballet skirts are optional.

- Students may wear leotards, sports bras, fitted dance tanks, fitted dance shorts, and leggins. All students must wear Black jazz shoes.

Hip Hop
- Hip Hop students may wear leotards, sport bras, fitted dance tanks, fitted dance shorts, leg gins and sweatpants. Sneakers for dance only (NO street shoes) should be worn. We recommend Converse style sneakers in black with white soles.

- Students may wear leotards, sports bras, fitted dance tanks, fitted dance shorts, and leggins. All students must wear Black tap shoes.

- Students may wear leotards, sports bras, fitted dance tanks, fitted dance shorts, and leggins. All students must wear Black jazz shoes. All students must wear Half-sole Tan lyrical sandals. See photograph for details.

                                                                                                                                                 Spring Recital:                                                                                                                                                   
​A $50 non-refundable Recital Fee is due by February 1st.  The recital fee includes a recital DVD, a Recital t-shirt, and a recital souvenir booklet. Additional shirts are available for siblings for $5. Costume fees are due by October 1st for the Winter Concert and December 19th for the June Recital. We will accept deposits beginning the first day of class. Costume fees must be paid by this date or your child will not be able to participate in the recital. All students performing in the annual recital in June are required to participate in Dress Rehearsal. This is considered a mandatory rehearsal and not attending may affect your ability to participate in recital. Please visit www.mydancestudioinc.com for the up-to-date event calendar.
Studio Policies: ·     No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the dance studio. ·     MDS is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please be sure to put your name on the inside of all dance shoes and clothing items worn to the studio. ·      Students are not allowed to enter the classroom without supervision. ·      Once class is in session, no interruptions please! Doors stay closed. Teachers will open doors when appropriate. ·      No cell phones are allowed in class. ·      Students should wait inside the building for their parents. ·      Please pick your children up promptly after their class ends. If you are running late, please call the studio to let someone know. ·      Siblings cannot be left unattended at the studio.  We want your children to be safe. No one is available to watch them while teachers are in class or working the desk ·     Please let the front desk know as soon as possible if you are not able to perform in our annual recital. ·     You will be charged for tuition unless we are notified that a student is dropping out.

Late Pick up/ Early Drop off:
Students should arrive no more than 10 prior to class. Students under 8 years old cannot be left at the studio unattended. Parents must remain until class begins. Students must be picked up immediately after class ends. Families will be charged a sitting fee if excessive late picks up occur.