"Chase the DREAM, not the competition".

Coming April 2019

Recital Make up

Recital hair

Left part, low bun

Ballet Bun

Natural Bun

Recital makeup tutorialS

June 22, 2019, 2 & 6 PM @ Waterford Mott
​(Doors 6:15 PM) (Dancers call time 1:15/5:15 pm)
MANDATORY Tech Rehearsal
Thursday, June 20th @Waterford Mott
All Dancers 4:45 pm (Company & Opening Dance 4:30 pm)

Waterford Mott High
1141 Scott Lake Rd. Waterford, MI 48328

Recital 2019 Information

Recitalis coming!!  Recital is coming!!  Please click below for your “recital packet”!  This packet contains a lot of detailed information for this year’s recital, “Push it to the Limit”.  Please review this packet in its entirety as most, if not all, of your questions will be answered in this packet.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and dedication to our dance family; you are appreciated. The students have been working very hard and are extremely excited to show off what they have been learning all year!  Please feel free to stop by the front desk with any additional questions, comments or concerns regarding recital.  ​​

​Recital Tickets

​Recital tickets will be available at https://www.tututix.com/tickets/. Tickets can also be ordered by calling a toll-free call center at 1-855-222-2TIX (1-855-222-2849).

Reminders on Recital Tickets
Each family is asked to purchase a minimum of 5 tickets to guarantee all recital expenses are covered. Ticket prices are $16. We are blessed to have acquired such a beautiful theater for our recital so we appreciate your support through ticket sells. If you do not meet your ticket quota your account will be charged a recital fee.  Please make sure you note the dancer's name when purchases tickets online so we can guarantee you family is credited for the seats.

We hope this way will be easier for your friends and family to purchase tickets and alleviate any clerical errors on our end.  You can choose to receive your tickets electronically via email or smartphone, or you can choose to have Tutu Tix's staff print and mail full color, foil-embossed, keepsake tickets directly to you. They even print your dancer's name directly on the tickets! Tickets are mailed out immediately, and usually arrive within one week of purchase.

This is a very exciting family event and a great occasion to get distant family members together for a celebration (and a whole lot of bragging!!)  Grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, your dancer's school teacher, friends - your dancer has been learning and training hard all year and all the students are growing very excited for their upcoming performances!  Available (if any) upper level seats may be purchased at the door for $15.00

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you