Recital hair

Left part, low bun

Ballet Bun

Recital makeup tutorialS

"Chase the DREAM, not the competition".

Recital Make up

Natural Bun

June 19, 2021
Rain Date: June 20, 2021
"The Mix Tape"

Wildwood Ampitheater, Lake Orion, MI

Recital 2021 Information

Recital is coming!!  Recital is coming!!  Welcome to your “recital packet”! This packet contains a lot of detailed information for this year’s recital, “The Mix Tape”. Please review this packet in its entirety as most, if not all, of your questions will be answered in this packet.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and dedication to our dance family; you are very appreciated. The students have been working very hard and are extremely excited to show off what they have been learning all year!  Please feel free to stop by the front desk with any additional questions, comments or concerns regarding recital.  Thank you!

Recital Tickets included with your recital fee (2)

Each family received 2 tickets with the recital fee. You will need to complete the ticket survey and let us know what show (A or B) you will attend with the 2 tickets you received with your recital fee.

If you do not complete the survey by May 10th your tickets will automatically be assigned.

Limited Seating

Due to State mandates, seating is limited at each show. As of now, we only have 200 tickets available per show. Attendees must have a ticket for BOTH shows if they wish to view both shows. To avoid MDS facing fines or penalties, we will ask for non-ticketed attendees leave before the rehearsal begins for the second show.

Additional tickets

You can request additional tickets by completing the survey, however, we cannot guarantee your requests. Once you are notified your request has been accepted, your account will be charged. You will need to purchase your tickets within 48 hours or your tickets will be released to the next family. The cost for additional tickets is $17.We are blessed to have acquired such a beautiful amphitheater for our recital, so we appreciate your support through ticket sells. We will ask that each family purchase additional 1-2 tickets. If you do not meet your ticket quota your account may be charged an additional fee. Please make sure you note the dancer’s name when completing the ticket survey so we can guarantee your family is credited for the seats. No tickets will be sold at-the-door.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you